The Harley Race
Wrestling Academy


Join the "Harvard of Wrestling Academies"!

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy is a world-renowned professional wrestling school that is owned and operated by the Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth - Harley Race! This school has produced many talents over the years, and is continually producing more on a regular basis! Now based out of Troy, Missouri - the 7500 square foot building houses separate male and female bathrooms & showers, 2 full-size rings, a multitude of media for learning, interview areas including the ability to watch your interviews back immediately, lounge area, kitchen area, and more! The biggest tool at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy is the 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion - Harley Race!


  • New student Information

    The cost of training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy is $3000.00. This can be paid in full, or broken into payments of 12, 18, or 24 months. Down-payments are dependent on the length of term you choose.

  • Have prior training? New program is available!

    If you have had prior training in the past and want to continue your training at the Greatest Wrestling School on God's Green Earth, this opportunity is for you. Starting in February of 2017, we are offering a program that cost $1000.00. This will cover 6 months of training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Afterwards, you will be able to compete in World League Wrestling and continue training for the price of gym dues here at the Academy.

  • What happens after my tuition is paid?

    Don't worry, we aren't going to charge you another large sum! Once tuition is paid off, your school dues drop to a monthly rate. For the ability to train every day that is available (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), you pay $50 per month. If you're unable to attend every day, or every week, pay by the week! $25 per week!

  • Payment Methods

    We take different forms of payments for deposits and monthly dues including cash, check, debit card, credit card, and monthly draft.

  • WWE/Japan Affiliated!

    Students today are wanting to achieve goals that many schools out there may not be able to deliver upon. The Harley Race Wrestling Academy is happy to be able to host opportunities that you may not get at any other school! With the reputation and achievements of Harley Race, major companies across the globe come here to scout talent such as WWE and New Japan Pro-Wrestling! The opportunities are here, it is up to you to take them!

Legend Approved!

WWE Hall Of Famer Ted DiBiase on the Harley Race Wrestling Academy!

Ted DiBiase speaks on the Harley Race Wrestling Academy and the reputation of this school!

Harley Race Wrestling Academy


New Location in Troy, MO!


Training together to help each other out


Getting the foundations solid


Male/Female Locker-Rooms


Separate Bathrooms that include showers


Japan Affiliations with NOAH and NJPW!


WWE Affiliations are here!


There's many schools, but few are the best!