Results from Previous Events - 2017

May 13, 2017

WLW hosts Live Event at Race Wrestling Arena!

Match #1: Rex and Orion Creed wrestled to a 15 minute time-limit draw in the WLW Young Lions Division Match Up.

Match #2: Leland Race/Kyle Roberts defeated Superstar Steve and Brandon Espinosa

Match #3: Stacey O'Brien pinned Miss Natural

Match #4: Jon Webb retained the WLW Jr. Heavyweight Championship as he defeated Jayden Fenix

April 22, 2017

WLW Returns to Richmond!

Match #1: Mike Sydal pinned Air-Riad

Match #2: REX defeated Roy Lewis to gain another victory in the WLW Young Lions Division.

Match #3: Lucy Mendez retained the WLW Ladies Championship against Miss Natural and Miss Monica

Match #4: Jack Gamble and Mark Sterling wrestled to a 15 minute time-limit draw.

Match #5: Superstar Steve and "The Exclamation Point" Steve Anthony defeated WLW Newcomer O'Rion Creed and Kyle Roberts

Match #6: Leland Race pinned Karim Brigante to win the WLW Heavyweight Champion!

April 1, 2017

WLW Presents Live Pro-Wrestling!

Match #1: Air-Raid won via DQ against Roy Lewis. Lewis didn't break the 5 count of the referee in the corner, forcing the match to be thrown out.

Match #2: Miss Natural defeated Miss Monica. Afterwards, Can-Do Curtis and Stacey O'Brien pushed Monica to the limits forcing a wedge in between their professional management group.

Match #3: WLW Young Lions Division star Rex was defeated by Superstar Steve after Steve hit the Super Kick on Rex.

Match #4: Kyle Roberts and Brandon Espinosa wrestled to a 15 minute draw. Afterwards, Superstar Steve attacked Roberts from behind. Brandon Espinosa helped out Roberts in the time of need.

Match #5: Jon Webb and Leland Race pinned Karim Brigante and Jayden Fenix. Due to the stipulations set forth by GM Matt Murphy, Leland Race challenges Karim Brigante in the main event in Richmond, MO on April 22nd. After the match, Fenix and Brigante again attacked Race/Webb from behind. After they left the ring, Race and Webb said that not only will Race be challenging for the title on April 22nd, but Webb angrily set a challenge out to Jayden Fenix for the main event on May 13th here at the Race Wrestling Arena.

March 11, 2017

WLW Presents Pride and Prestige

Match #1: Jon Webb pinned Jack Gamble to retain WLW Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Match #2: Miss Monica & Stacey O'Brien (w/ Curtis Dearling) defeated Miss Natural & Lucy Mendez

Match #3: WLW Young Lions Division Debut - Rex defeated Roy Lewis

Match #4: Superstar Steve pinned Kyle Roberts

Match #5: Karim Brigante retained the WLW Heavyweight Championship against Mathean Warrior Anthony

Match #6: Leland Race pinned Jayden Fenix in a NO-DQ Match with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee.

February 4th, 2017

WLW Presents Ascension!

Match #1:Leland Race defeated Jayden Fenix via disqualification

Match #2:Karim Brigante pinned REX via Roaring Elbow

Match #3:Superstar Steve defeated Brandon Espinosa

Match #4: Miss Natural and Stacey O'Brien fought to a count-out. March 11th WLW Ladies Championship is now a 3-way bout.

Match #5:Jon Webb pinned Kyle Roberts to retain WLW Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Match #6:Karim Brigante defeated Superstar Steve and Leland Race to win WLW Heavyweight Championship.

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June 17, 2017